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A Unique Type of Caregiver

Rather than simply hiring people who have been in the industry going from one workplace to the next, we employ individuals who live to serve others. In our eyes, experience does not matter if you’re not built for this type of role. It’s about character to us instead of experience because caregiving skills can be trained but integrity can’t be.

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Our Training Process

Step 1: Full Skills Orientation & Dementia Training

The first thing we do when we hire new employees is take them through our specialized training program which:

  • Familiarizes caregivers to our values by showing them how important their role is in our family.
  • Provides in-depth and in-person Dementia training, including knowledge of the different types of Dementia (Alzheimer's, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Vascular Dementia, Fronto-Temporal Dementia, Wernicke-Korsakoff, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s Dementia).
  • Teaches them how to manage specific Dementia symptoms and use redirection techniques sucessfully.
  • Equips caregivers with tools to do amazing work with our residents and treat each one as an adult who deserves meaning and value in their life.
  • Teaches them how to engage their residents in therapeutic activities that improves their quality of life and can be used as a great redirection technique.

Step 2: One-On-One Training with Our Recreation Therapist

Every single one of our caregivers works closely with our Recreational Therapist to be well versed in the personalized care plan, schedule, and health needs of each client prior to starting care. This provides customized service for all of our residents.

Step 3: Required Ongoing Monthly Training

We require that our caregivers attend monthly trainings to ensure that our work is constantly improving. Each month, our caregivers receive trainings on subjects like:

  • Redirection Techniques
  • Bathing Clients with Dementia
  • Emergency Procedures
  • How to Handle Difficult Behaviors
  • Dealing with Delusions and Hallucinations
  • Music and Memory
  • End of Life Care

Staff Activities

We strive to give our residents the best care and our professionialism is top notch, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun. It’s our priority to show value to our caregivers for the work that they do. We do so with their favorite treat/soda, gift cards, awards, and twice yearly events. Here are the latest activities the staff has enjoyed while making Memory Lane feel like home.